Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you lived in PVE?

My wife and I have lived in the same house in PVE for over 40 years.

Why PVE?

I was instantly in enthralled by the beauty and rural character of PVE. Having spent my early life in NYC I was astonished by the natural charm and elegance of our city.

Why Ophthalmology (Eye surgery)

I grew up in a household with my parents, sister, and aunt & uncle. Both my aunt and uncle were legally blind from a hereditary condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. When it came to choosing a medical specialty, the choice was clear.

What do you like to do in your "spare" time?

Not much of that these days, but having played tennis and swimming for my high school teams, I still enjoy both sports. I am a true gardener who enjoys the beauty and nurturing that gardening provides. I spend as much time as I can with my son, Joshua and his wife and their 3 very active little boys.

Why are you a candidate for re-election to the PVE City Council?

First and foremost I love PVE and I love the PVE Police department. PVE would not be itself without our dedicated private police. In these time of unrest and unsettled cities, our police provide the framework for our health and safety in PVE.

   Our city is losing a superb Councilman and good friend Kenny Kao. He was a delight to work with as we shared a certain humanity, not always seen on city councils. I wish him health and happiness for the future with his wonderful young family. 

What are your thoughts regarding the state of PVE?

Our city is safe, healthy, and strong. Its residents have a deep love for PVE and take great pride in keeping our city as rural, natural, and beautiful as I do. 

What is a citizen politician?

I have said multiple times at council meetings that I am first and foremost a CITIZEN of PVE. In addition, I was elected councilman to follow the mandates of my electorate. I do not consider myself a politician in the general sense of the word. I am a husband, father, grandfather, surgeon, and a councilman. As a 40+ year resident of PVE, I have seen it all and experienced it all in our city.

You spearheaded Prop E. This proposition was voted upon to keep our private PVE Police. Why?

I believe that the private PVE Police provide the health and safety of our community. They also form the basic fabric of our city which allows PVE citizens to live and safe and unworried lifestyle. PVE has had a private police force since its emancipation almost 100 years ago. As such, they have learned the intricacies of our streets and citizens and provide a model of community policing. I can say uncategorically that I am 100% in favor of keeping our private PVE Police and 100% against allowing the LA Sheriffs to roam the city of PVE. 

Why are you so vehemently against the LA Sheriffs in PVE?

Several FACTS are the basis of my assessment. 

1. In the year 2020 the cost to contract cities patrolled by the LA County Sheriffs will rise 6% to a high of 11.5%. These increases are NON-NEGOTIABLE by the contract city. For the year 2020, we are extending our Police with absolutely no increase in basic pay. Zero, saving our city between 6% and 11% in pay increase.

2. LA County $81.5-million on LA Sheriffs Department litigations and payout last year. This year, 2020 will be higher. All contract cities are REQUIRED to contribute proportionately. to this payout. PVE has not spent a penny on litigation or payouts in the last year.

3. The LA County Sheriffs Department will be laying off 1,000 deputies and hundreds of detectives when the supervisors continue to defund their police an additional 10% this year. This will DIRECTLY impact their services to their contract cities. 

4. The LA County supervisors have already "Defunded" their Sheriffs $600-million and with the additional 10% defunding this year, the amount lost to the LA County Sheriffs will be close to $1-billion, very similar to the policy of NYC. 

5. Our city is losing LOCAL CONTROL on many fronts, including ADU's and JADU's and contracting with LA County Fire which raised their fees this year 7.2%. This Fire Department increase is non-negotiable. If the Fire Department decides it wants an additional Fireman or Paramedic, we are forced to pay him. The increase in cost to the city can be enormous. With our local PVE Police, we have the power of NEGOTIATION.

6. Our PVE Police have a community based model for policing. This is unlike most jurisdictions where it is simply criminals and police.

7. PVE is the 3rd safest city in California. Not one of the top ten were patrolled by LA County Sheriffs.

8. Last month, PVE Police took down a member of the MS13, not the first time major gang participants have been apprehended by our police. Our police are very, very serious and very, very tough.

9. A recent article in The Daily Breeze had the headline "County pays out $55M deputy GANGS". The article explains that "LA County has paid our roughly $55-million in settlements in cases in which Sheriffs Deputies were alleged to belong to a "secret society" ". Those deputies are a "Tattooed group accused of glorifying an aggressive style of policing". It names "eight specific cliques" (gangs).

Are you a Fiscal Conservative?

Absolutely! I believe money spent by PVE must be conscientiously scrutinized to determine that is being appropriately spent at the least costly price.

What is your position on the Parkland Sales and Enhancements?

I am strongly against our Parkland Sales and very strict about allowing enhancements, even when there are existing enhancements next door or nearby. I was the only council person who voted against a compromise allowing the Lugliani Family to keep its unlawful seizure of close to 2 acres of parkland next to their home.

What is your position on Neighborhood Compatibility?

I am firmly in favor of enforcing the requirements of homes to be appropriate for a specific neighborhood. I am against MANSIONIZATION.

What are some issues that you have sponsored while sitting on the Council?

- Hired coyote trapper.

- Banned carcinogenic pesticides.

- Banned vaping + tobacco use in PVE.

- Spearheaded Measure E, keeping our dedicated Private Police.

- Opposition to ADU's and JADU's.

- Creation of Finance Advisory Committee.